mavi lanka ponchos are versatile

mavi lanka ponchos are individually designed and hand-made in Sri Lanka. Our ponchos are very comfortable, light and fast drying. With the backpacker-friendly size and weight, you can take our ponchos along wherever you go.

Use the poncho as a changing dress, for keeping warm, as a bath or beach towel, or as a sleeping bag (in case there is no bed sheet available at your accommodation! 😉).


Hand made in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka´s handloom textile industry is centuries old and one of the country's treasured, traditional crafts.

The cotton is imported from India due to a lack of home-grown cotton in Sri Lanka. The untreated yarn is processed and dyed in Sri Lanka and woven into fabric on traditional handlooms in a local workshop in southwest Sri Lanka. Each step from yarn to fabric is done manually. The workshop supports Sri Lankan women in the area by giving them a fair salary and flexible working hours to accommodate their daily lives, so they can still complete their family duties.

The ponchos are sewn by a local sewer according to our designs.

Local products preferred


As surfing becomes more popular in Sri Lanka every year, so do all kinds of surf-related products. Unfortunately, many of these products are low quality, not durable, and imported. Local and rural communities and workshops have no benefit from the imported goods.


Let's change that! With our mavi lanka ponchos we are creating a conscious and high-quality product with a great design...locally and sustainably made in Sri Lanka!